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Fully aware of our responsibilities, at La French Cuisine, our way of cooking is part of a sustainable development approach, from the selection of the products to customer service. An eco-responsible behaviour, it is also a human approach, concrete measures and actions set up to support the development of our daily activity.

Our responsibility for the environment.

As committed chefs, our daily actions aspire to reduce our ecological footprint:

  • Favour fresh, organic, from sustainable agriculture, products.
  • Reduce transportation by consuming local.
  • Making sure our behaviours regarding cooking are leading to a better consumption of the resources and the energy.
  • Reducing the food waste thanks to a better management of the stocks, of the unsold and by preparing the menus with the customer.
  • Use eco-responsible packaging, zero-plastic.

Our social responsibility.

As a caterer, being socially responsible, is not only about generosity but also about making everything for implementing a human management of our company:

  • Share the unsold with the local charities.
  • Give some time and some means for social actions.
  • Embrace the diversity in the way of cooking.
  • Offer our staff better working conditions and the trainees better reception conditions.
  • Take care of the relationships with our customers, suppliers and partners.